Trick To CUT Off Someone WiFi Network

Trick To CUT Off Someone WiFi Network Access To Increase Your Bandwidth Or Speed Up WiFi In Windows 7/8/10-Working

Howdy guys for a long time,  I’m going to introduce two very small software but very very powerful networking software Netcut and Netcut Defender and most importantly these software’s are totally freeware which means no cost for using these.

What Is NetCut?

Netcut is also known for Network Cut. NetCut is a software used in windows and now smartphones too, where we can control the connection to each computer/laptop connected in a WIFI network/LAN. However, this software can be used to retrieve internet bandwidth from other computers in a LAN/WIFI. NetCut is used in Hacking The Internet Connection of the shared computers in Colleges/ Cyber Cafe / schools etc  and gain the complete Access of internet with full speed.

What Can You Do With NetCut Software?

Netcut is a network admin tool for network administrator to exam network speed/probe addres inventory/manage bandwidth/check brand/change MAC address. That is one short answer.
With NetCut you can do following things:
1. In less than 1 Minute you can find any IP/Computer/network devices/Phone/Xbox/PSP/PS3/Wii/Ipad anything that use your network.
2. Protect your PC away from ARP SPOOF attack.
3. Change MAC address on any adapter on your PC.
4. Clone MAC address from any device of your network to your own PC’s adapter 
5. Turn any of network device on/offline?
6.  Test your internet speed and much more.

How Netcut Software Work On Wifi/Lan?

Shared connection speed is basically determined the number of users connected, topology is used, setting protocols and much more.. If using a pure setting, the access speed will be divided based on the number of users who use it.. example : If the connection speed = 500 Kbps, and there are 5 users who use it, then the speed of each to 100 Kbps, except given the limit connection to other user .. So more and more users connected, the smaller also access. And Using This attack Cut the internet connection of shared computers in LAN/WIFI. and Get the Full Speed of internet on your system.

How To Get The Full Speed Of Internet On Your System?

Just follow below given steps :
Step 1:- First, you will need the NetCut software so Download it from Here
Step 2:- After downloaded Software and install it On Your System.
Step 3:- Open The Software and you will Get the following screen.
Step 4:- After this, click on “Choice Netcard”, then you will get following screen
Here, you will get all network adapet of your system, so choose your Network adapter, which is connected.
Note : only choose connected network adapter, don’t choose any disconnected adapter. here in my case, i have only one network adapter, which is connected. but in your case, maybe you have one or more network adapter, so don’t be confused in selecting network adapter.
Step 5:- After doing this, you will get following screen
 Now, Select all or any One of the IP Addresses Seen On The Screen EXCEPT the first two IP because They are Your PC’s and Router’s IP Address. After Selecting the IP address Press the Cut Off(Ready) Button and the internet connection Will Be Cut Off Within few Seconds.
Step 6:- To Resume or Start The Internet again Press the Resume Button and the internet Will again start working In the shared computers. Now After Cutting The network connection Lets Study The Prevention from This attack so that this cannot happen with you.
What is NetCut Defender Software:
This software can protect you when you surf the Internet using wireless networks in particular hotspot areas which may be used by the net users. By using NetCut Defender, then guaranteed you will be protected from ignorant people who use netCut to control bandwidth, LAN and Wireless network. Why NetCut Defender? No internet disconnection any more, Starts with operating system , you don’t have to run every time turning on your PC. Lists all open ports in your connection (Security wise), Get your public IP address, Know who is cutting your connection, Direct link to internet connection speed meter, Direct link to spyware scanner, Direct link to free virus scanner and No Spyware
Step 1:- Download the NetCut Defender form Here.
Step 2:- After downloaded Software and install it On Your System
Step 3:- There Will Be an Icon in the system tray of NetCut Defender, like this.
Step 4:- To see, who is attacking on your system, right click on this icon, then select “Who Cut Me” from Options.
Step 5:- After this, you will get a complete list of attackers in new window. Here Attackers List window is blank because no one is trying to cut my internet.
Now, You have all done!!!
If you have any queries or suggestions related to this post on ‘How to CUT Off Someone Internet Access For Test Or For Fun Or For Increase Your Bandwidth Or Speed Up Internet?’, you’re most welcome in comments!
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