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Welcome to the Liberal Arts Department! Offering degrees in liberal studies and group considers, our projects are committed to delivering graduates who can think fundamentally, perceive positive estimations of a municipal society, and use research innovation and techniques as a key part of the propensity for deep rooted learning.

Group Studies 

The Community Studies project is a course of study situated in the field of human science and behavioral sciences yet centered around the theme of group and its place in advanced American culture. While there is a lasting arrangement of courses composed inside Community Studies, just a modest bunch are required by the CS major; the numerous others spread extraordinary themes that emphasis on cutting edge American culture and might hold any importance with major and non-major alike. Most understudies in the system have picked territories of accentuation, for example, business, law, criminology, or instruction, showing their field of decision upon graduation while favoring a noteworthy that permits a wide scope of study and opportunity of individual development. Understudies are urged to associate their degree arrangements to their region of business, and especially to practice by proceeding with their studies in a graduate project, however at its heart the Community Studies Program is liberal in its accentuation on a balanced arrangement of courses that teach the psyche without coordinating the understudy's musings. On the off chance that there was any one expression that best typifies the Program, it would be, "what's to come is your own. Own it here.

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