Who said MINIKRAFT Models is dead?  Well, from the pair of diecast models sitting in front of us now they sure are not!  The team recently sent a pair of sedans, we have the Genesis G80 and Genesis G80 Sport.  We first heard about MINIKRAFT back in 2016, back then they blew us away with their version of the Audi RS7 Sportback.  We still consider their Audi RS7 one of the best Audi scale models to date.  If you want to see and read more click HERE.
Both models here are crafted in full diecast metal and feature full 360 access and then some!  The then some from an exterior vantage point includes rear gas flap access and driver and passenger mirrors with forward and back motion.  These are the elite details we don’t see often and are definitely appreciated.  Inside the interiors are totally dialled in.  Access is provided to the glove box, seats move forward and back, and the rear seating area features positional centre console.  There is more!  Rear storage provides access to the spare tire underneath the finished carpet.  Just cool!

Engine detail is rather good as well.  Layers of detail with OEM badges provide the level of realism.  Where it fails slightly is the oversized hinges, however, two struts are positioned on either side to minimize the oversight.  The Genesis G80 examples bring us back to an era of scale model collecting where detail and refinement were the pillars of creation, not the botton line.  MINIKRAFT well done!  Enjoy the pics!

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