PUBG Mobile Loot Guide – Top Places To Find The Best Loot

Looking for the top spots to find the best loot in PUBG Mobile? We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we look at the best loot locations so that you can get your hands on all of the equipment you’ll ever need.

Keep in mind that loot is random in PUBG, so whilst you may have better luck getting loot in some spots, you aren’t ever guaranteed to get good loot near where you land.

We’ve also included some tips below on how to loot safely, so that no matter where you land, you should come out alive with a lot of good loot.


The High Value Loot Areas



There are a number of high value loot areas in PUBG. These areas have a higher chance to spawn level 3 body armor, level 3 helmets, level 3 backpacks, kar98ks, good attachments, and lots of meds.

Below we’ve listed each of the high value loot areas and provided a small description of them all. We’ve provided an image above to showcase where these areas are on the map.

Shipping Dock

This place is an open area filled with shipping containers and warehouses that have a high chance to spare rare loot. This place can be quite dangerous to land at, so land at the apartments nearby, find a weapon, and then move carefully into the shipping dock.

Military Base

The military base is the top spot for loot in PUBG Mobile. This spot has many buildings to explore, so it’s usually safe to land here, even with lots of players nearby. Pay attention to where players are landing and then choose a building away from all of the action.


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The prison is great for loot but it’s high risk, high reward. You need to try and choose a building and stick to it. If you’re playing with a group of friends, communicate with each other and land at the same building. Stick together and clear out the prison building by building.


The mansion features three large buildings filled with loot. There are also three buildings on the outside of the mansion that can be looted. Start with the buildings on the outside, find a shotgun or SMG, and then start making your way through the mansion buildings.

Power Plant

The power plant is like a budget version of the military base – it’s smaller and doesn’t have quite as good loot as the military base, but there are enough buildings that you’ll always be able to find weapons without getting attacked. Try to avoid the giant factory building until you have a weapon and some gear.


Medium Value Loot Areas



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Next, we’ll be talking about the medium value loot areas. These areas are good simply because they have such a high concentration of loot. If you spend enough time in these areas, you’ll always come out with a lot of gear.

These places are mostly cities and big groupings of buildings, so they can be quite populated. Always try to find your own building and start getting some basic gear such as weapons, meds, and armor, before you start fighting the other players nearby.

As you can see, there are many different areas here. The strategy for all of these areas pretty much remains the same. They will often similar style engagements and will give you a good chance to get a lot of good gear, so long as you spend a bit of extra time looting.

Because of the way the first play area is generated, the closer you are to the center of the map, the more likely you’ll be in the first play area. As a result, the places closer to the center of the map are often the most populated.

If you want to find a place that is a little less populated, try somewhere on the edge of the map. If you really want to avoid confrontation at the beginning of the map, try flying as far away as possible from the plane trajectory. You can do this by leaving the plane and then going as far left or right from the dotted plane path as possible.


Loot Is Everywhere In PUBG



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One common misconception about PUBG is that you have to land at the high value spot to get the best gear. This definitely isn’t true. Good loot can be found anywhere, it’s just that the military spots have a higher chance to have rare loot.

If you are getting frustrated with dying as soon as you land every time, you can simply choose an unmarked collection of houses on the map and land there. Chances are, you’ll still find a decent amount of gear and you’ll most likely land there on your own.

Remember that as the game goes on, you’ll come across more and more gear on other players, too. As the player size shrinks, the loot that players picked up at the start of the game gradually gets split between a smaller player size.

This means that if you can survive till the later stages of the game, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to kill a player and get level 3 armor, good attachments, lots of meds, and plenty of ammo.


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Airdrop Loot


The last thing to mention about loot in PUBG mobile is that the rarest loot can only be found in airdrops. If you want powerful snipers and assault rifles, you’ll need to wait for an airdrop to be dropped from a passing plane.

Getting to an air drop can be difficult – many players will fight over these, but if you can get your hands on one it’ll be worth it.

The loot in airdrops vary, but you always get at least one weapon and a chance at level 3 armor, meds, and high value attachments. Usually, there are 3-5 items per airdrop.


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