How to Hide SMS On Android

we're going to proportion a beneficial trick will to be able to permit you to cover your sms to keep them secure. follow the post to find out how to hide sms in your android telephone.

absolute confidence there are lots of apps nowadays that take the location of a prevalent messaging app however although, many are there who loves to use this messaging carrier. however sms is usually the non-public credentials of the respective proprietor and ought to be kept personal on their android phone. but these messages are overtly available on android device or even sometimes apps like app lock fail to relaxed this.

so to triumph over this hassle we're here with how to cover sms on android to hold your messages non-public. with the assist of methods discussed below, you may effortlessly make your non-public sms personal from all others that get right of entry to your telephone.

the method is manageable and dependable and relies upon on an app that works perfectly for this activity and can comfortable your sms higher than some other app. different apps don’t work on notification location and the incoming message may be visible by way of absolutely everyone. continue with a few easy steps given

Step 1. First download and install SMS Lock app App from the Google Play store on your Android device.

Step 2. Now launch the app and you will see the list of messaging apps that are being installed on your android device. you will also see the google hangout app if you have installed.

Step 3. Now click on round button and the draw the pattern you want to set to the message app.

Step 4. Now at right corner click on settings button.Make sure that Notification Bar there is turned on as this will secure your message being read in the notification area.You can also alter the settings according to your wish.

Step 5. Now you are done, Now your SMS get secured and no one except you can access it.

Method 2:- Using Message Locker

message locker allows you maintain your messages to your self and far from curious eyes. message locker secures and adds a pin / sample lock to all of your messaging and email apps on your device.

Step 1. Download and install Message Locker Android app from Google Play Store.
Step 2. Once download, open the app and set up a new pattern or PIN to hide your messages and then confirm it again.
Step 3. Now the app will ask you to set up an Recovery Email address which you can use to recover the password if you ever forget your password.

Step 4. Here you will see the all the messaging apps installed on your Device. Select the apps that you want to lock.
Step 5. The app also lets you lock photos. For that, you need to press the menu bar.

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