How To Clone One Android To Another

as we all agree to the fact that getting a new smartphone is the pleasant emotions. however, transferring antique cellphone statistics to the brand new one is the most irritating task. therefore, we are going to proportion a way that will help you clone one android to another. go through the submit to realize approximately it.

if you are attempting to transport your facts out of your android to every other one for backup or some other motives then cloning is one of the pleasant selections via which you can absolutely get all of your statistics to any other android. you may have attempted plenty of things to back up your information but all those techniques don’t prove to be useful if you need to backup things like sms, contacts and some other storage data. so right here we have a groovy technique so that it will easily help you in cloning any of your androids to every other android in order to include each and the whole thing.

Steps To Clone Your Android Device To Another Android:

Step 1. First of all, you need to download and install the cool app that is CLONEit on both of your Android device where you are cloning data.
Step 2. Now launch the app on both Android devices and there you will have two option that is Sender and Receiver.

Step 3. Now the device from where you are sending data, you need to tap on the sender and at the same time the device where you are receiving data tap on receiver option.

Step 4. Now scanning process will begin and the sender device will detect the receiver device and you just have to tap on that device shown on your screen.
Step 5. Now after this pairing is successful, the wifi hotspot will get activated on both the devices and after that the data transfer will get started and in few minutes all your data will get moved to another android.
That’s it! you are done, now your data is successfully cloned to the android.
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