What Is Search Engine ?? HOw it works ?

How Search Engine Works ??

We Can find information about any topic through the help of search engines to easily

Is a technique by which the information can be searched on the Internet, whether it be in any language. Search engines are those who write a few words or a sentence that should be searched. Google's search is quite popular nowadays.

The question is whether one can search in Hindi. The reply is - yes, exactly the same way as in Latin letters! Bet is that whatever you find or 'Search' what to write in Hindi 'google search' button is pressed. Do so that none of the posts open Jatland which is in Hindi. By copying your mouse to highlight a sentence from the Google search box and put in it. Jatland option you will get the URL's.

Funny is not it the truth! So search engine pages written in any language can be found on the Interne

"a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web.

Types of Search Engine 

Web search engine - the Internet page on the website that Krul stores in its memory, nowadays search engines instead of the Competition terms and conditions of the search engine only if there was a website rank (top page) come on when he meets these conditions,

Some major Web search enginesGoogleYahoo!BingAmong other common types of web search engines search engines are -

Local (or offline): Offline PC, CDROM or LAN Search (search) is used for the use ofMeta search (meta search engines): other search engine queries, the result adds.Blog Search Engine: blogosphere for engines. Blog search engines only index and blogs (web logs) provide search results.

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