Study in Socliogy- Lincoln University

Program Goals 

The Sociology major is intended to give a wide savvy and sociological foundation. The system gives understudies both hypothetical and methodological instruments and in addition substantive bits of knowledge to help them in comprehension social life, social association, and social activity. As a result of the fixation's attention on creating systematic abilities, Sociology at Lincoln is a great arrangement for some fields that include social approach investigation, including law, business administration, training, government and social administration.

  • Clarify and recognize key sociological ideas. 
  • Display, e.g., by looking into, a sound comprehension of key sociological speculations. 
  • Recognize the particulars of standard sociology research and measurable strategies, information that will empower understudies to consider and break down social issues. 
  • Illustrate, including using cases, basic deduction in substantive sociological territories, e.g., marriage and the family, abnormality and social disparity. 
  • Successfully determine, clarify and depict sociological changes influencing different gatherings in the United States. 
  • By means of substantive contemporary cases that show cognizance of topic, exhibit the correct usage of universal information to clarify worldwide interconnectedness.
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