How to Make Youtube channel ?? (youtube channel kasari banaune)

How to Make Youtube channel (youtube channel kasari banaune)

youtube Also one of the famous product of google, it provide us many advantage. we can uploade videos, we can get videos and we can earn from it too uploading videos.
it makes easier to earn money with our passion. we can see many of people are earning money uploading videos in youtube. now lets how to do it.

To have a youtube channel you must have a gmail id like in blog. through the gmail id you must login with youtube then create a channel and upload a nice videos and however your video channel start to get traffic( viewers ) your earning also start to increase.
earning will transfer to your adsense ac within some time.

To earning from youtube channel you must have a adsense ac that you can link your youtube channel with adsesne ac.

See This Video:- How To create A youtube channel.

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