How to Earn Money from online ( online bata paisa kasari kamaune )

How to Earn Money from online In Nepal
(online bata paisa kasari kamaune)

If you thinking about to earm money in online then my this post defineately helps you.

i am going to share some of ideas to earn money in online. Now concentrate carefully about this, Adsense is product of google. this is a ads Network of google which is famous ads network
company of the world. Adsense by Google Inc. is a good and free way to earn revenue online worldwide and including Nepal. You would be paid for displaying targeted advertisement by Google on your site or blog. it gives revenue by CPC and CPM base, it share revenue up to 68% with you it means you will get 68% of 100%.

How To create a Adsense A/c

Now what is CPC?? let me explain About CPC. CPC stand for "Cost per click" if one person click on your ads then you will get income up to 68% and Another is CMP. CPM stands for "Cost per thousand" If a website publisher charges $2.00 CPM, that means an advertiser must pay $2.00 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad. it Means that if your site, bloge or youtube get 1000 views you will get some money even no ads click.

Now how to do it???

Definitely your question "How to Do it ??". Now listen me carefully, to earn money is not easier like people say, it little bit difficult.1st of all to earn money in online you need to have a site, blog or youtube. you can earn money using adsense in online through blog, site and youtube only and this is the good way too. if you have no blog then you most create it from, and site or you tube too.

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After creating of  blog, site or youtube channel you must create a Adsense Ac. If you have no idea how to create a Adsense Ac then click here. after creating your Adsense Ac you must link your blog, site or youtube channel with Adsense Ac. then however your blog, site or youtube channel started to get traffic your revenue will start. traffic is stand for viewer of your site, blog and youtube channel

How To create a Adsense A/c

How to Create a youtube channel :

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