Copy From Right Click Disabled Websites.

Trick to copy text from Right click Disabled pages:

Using the JavaScript technique to disable right-click by blogger ans webmaster is common things for Now days. this is why the blogger and webmaster want to saves their contain being copy and pest , to prevent scrapers sites from stealing their content.

we often come to websites where we found contents useful like how-to , Guides and we copy it into worded or notepad. Generally we select some text and then right click to copy. But on Protected sites a message box appears saying “Right-Click on this site is disabled. Hold Ctrl key and click on link to open in new tab
But there are numerous way through one can copy contents from Right Click protected sites
  • By disabling browser JavaScript in browser
  • Using Proxy Sites
  • By Using the source code of the site

How to Disabling JavaScript in Browsers ??[Google Chrome]

There is two way to Disable Java script:

1:- Using your own browser 

2:- Using Proxy Sites

Using your own browser 

For the  Chrome browser, you can easily disable JavaScript by settings. See the screenshot for better explanation:

  • Goto Setting >> UnderHood Tab >> Content Settings
  • or enter  chrome://settings/content
  • Then Select Do not allow any site to run JavaScript
Similarly if you are using Firefox, you can remove the tick from “Enable JavaScript” option.
Using Proxy Sites

There are many proxy sites, which let you disable JS while browsing. All you need to use those proxy sites, which offer such features and you can quickly use right-click on click disabled sites.

Through Viewing Source Code
If you have to copy the specific text content and you can take care of HTML tags, you can use browser view source options. All the major browser give an option to source of the page, which you can access directly using the format below or by right click. Since, right click is out of question here, we will simply open chrome browser and type: view-source: before the post URl Like

And find the paragraph or text you want to copy and then paste it into any text editor.

Well, using this trick ethically or unethically is in user hand but for a normal blogger like me and you, this tip will certainly help. Do you use any other plugin or add-on to copy content of pages with right click disabled? Do you also see this feature as bad user experience?

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