Canadian Inter university Sport

Canadian Inter university Sport

Canadian Inter university Sport
men's [[Association football|soccer]]''' is that the highest level of play at the [[university]] level underneath the auspices of the CIS. As of the 2015 season, forty nine groups from [[List of universities in Canada|Canadian universities]] square measure divided into four conferences, drawing from the four regional associations of the CIS: [[Canada West Universities Athletic Association]], [[Ontario University Athletics]], [[Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec]], and [[Atlantic University Sport]]. once interconference playoffs are compete, eight groups contend for the SAM Davidson Memorial Trophy, awarded to the [[CIS public toilet association football Championship]] team.

==Season structure==
===Regular season===
The regular season is eight to 9 weeks long, betting on the conference, and, as of 2011, opens on the [[Labour Day]] weekend. groups play between twelve to sixteen regular season games, betting on conference or division, with groups generally enjoying a home and residential series with each alternative team in their conference or division. All regular season games square measure in-conference. Following the conclusion of the regular season, the [[Canadian Interuniversity Sport public toilet association football championship#Player of the Year (Joe Johnson Memorial Trophy)|Joe Johnson Memorial Trophy]] is awarded annually to the Player of the Year in CIS public toilet association football.

After the regular season, [[single elimination]] [[playoff]] games square measure command between the highest groups in every conference to work out conference champions. within the Canada West and Quebec conferences, the highest four groups qualify for the playoffs, with the fourth and initial seeded groups enjoying one match and therefore the third and second seeded groups enjoying another. the 2 winning groups then play for the conference championship. as a result of there square measure a lot of groups within the Atlantic conference, the highest six groups qualify, with the highest 2 groups receiving a first-round [[Bye (sports)|bye]]. The sixth and third seeded groups play one match and therefore the fifth and fourth seeded groups play another. The winning groups then proceed to play the highest 2 seeded groups, with the bottom remaining seed enjoying the primary seeded team and therefore the highest remaining seed enjoying the second seeded team. The winners of those 2 semi-final matches then play for the Atlantic conference championship.

The Ontario contest system operates very similar to the Atlantic one, except it functions for each the West and East [[Division (sport)|divisions]]. the highest six groups from every division (twelve total) qualify for the playoffs, with the highest 2 seeds of every division receiving byes. The champions of every division then play for the OUA conference championship. as a result of the OUA has twelve groups competitory, it necessitates a extended post-season schedule. Consequently, the primary spherical of the playoffs within the OUA happens throughout identical week that every of the opposite 3 conferences square measure enjoying their last regular season games. The four conference champions mechanically qualify for the [[CIS public toilet association football Championship]].

===Men's association football Championship===
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The [[CIS public toilet association football Championship]], initial established in 1972, options eight groups in single elimination matches to work out a national champion. The championship hosts eleven games over four days at a planned host venue. The host team is mechanically qualified for the tournament, as is every of the conference champions. Another berth is awarded to the second-place finisher within the Ontario conference and therefore the 2 remaining spots square measure awarded to the second-place finisher in every of the remaining conferences. If Associate in Nursing OUA team is hosting, 3 groups from the OUA qualify and therefore the previous year's championship seeding would confirm that conference would lose the ultimate spot.
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